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I really believe you have an excellent program here, a program like no other. You are really giving a great opportunity, a much needed chance to honest and committed people that for some unforeseen situations in life went under financial difficulties. When the storm is over, and the willingness to do better becomes unstoppable, we are lucky to find a program like yours…not much 'run around', 'we need this and that', 'we want more'…none of that.

Self Lender is very straightforward, opening that door that others have shut closed on you. Awesome…and thank you for the opportunity.

Miguel C.
Fairfax, VA
May 26, 2017

Self Lender was a very helpful tool in setting aside some 'bonus money' to help pay for our wedding!

Oh my goodness, I can't say enough good things about working with Self Lender! I saw you were hiring and checked to see if there were remote positions - that's how awesome your product and your team have been!

My credit score is higher than it's been in the last 5 years now, and your loan has been a part of raising my score almost 100 points in the last year.

I will definitely be back for another go once things have settled down!

Molly K.
New Hope, MN
Apr 26, 2017

I'm honored to be among one of the first set of customers to complete the program. I've told all of my friends about Self Lender from the day I started till this day. Two of my close friends have signed up for accounts themselves. Credit is so important nowadays and the biggest hurdle for me was recovery post-bankruptcy. It's kind of weird hearing a 22-year-old filing bankruptcy but I had to do what I had to do given the financial situation I was in before I drowned in late payments and collections. I knew that aside from two new lines of revolving credit and auto loan, I needed something to thicken my profile and finding a bank that offered a credit builder loan was just too difficult. You had to be a member for a certain amount of days or the banks were simply nowhere near you. That's where Self Lender came into play. It's something that can help everyone and it's so simple to sign up for.

I honestly don't have anything to add that could've improved my experience. The auto-pay made the process out of sight and out of mind. Seeing the CD grow online along with the visual of the meter getting fuller throughout the payment process was also a nice thing. I felt I was working towards something. It's also taught me that it's okay to save and knowing that you have money set aside feels great. Seeing my CD grow, I also opened another savings account which I've stuck with through the discipline needed to commit to this Self Lender program. Prior to this program, I was the worst when it came to financial management and flew through money so quick. A lot of young people around my age don't have proper financial management training from their parents or school but we're allowed to be solicited credit cards without income verification the second we turn 18.

You have no idea how many people out here need credit guidance and means to recover and/or boost their score.

Thanks again for everything!

Victor W.
Temple Hills, MD
March 3, 2017

Im 21 and I was looking for a way to rebuild my credit using a secured credit card. But then I stumbled upon self lender and it said it works better than secured credit card and as a result I am now joining the team!

You guys have an awesome system set in place, I read that you guys report to all three credit bureaus , you allow credit monitoring, and best of all you allow the average person to invest in himself while improving credit.

Joining you guys was a no-brainer!

T. P.
Houston, TX
Feb 22, 2017

Credit score raised 76 points!

Sean N.
Glen Burnie, MD
Feb 13, 2017

Self Lender is working, it started reporting to credit bureaus in 3 months. My situation was a thin file, as I have not used credit in over 25 years to keep $0 debt. Now I am wanting to take on some debt to buy another home in Florida. I would recommend Self Lender to my family, friends or business associates whom need to build or repair a credit file. Self Lender's follow up and customer service has been excellent.

Bruce S.
Port St Lucie, FL
Jul 19, 2016

I think this is an amazing opportunity for people to help rebuild credit. I have been trying to do this with a secured credit card but I think that not having access to the funds and responsibly paying and having an end site is truly helpful. I got into a lot of debt at a very young age and had to help out my mother after a very ugly divorce and it set me back. I'm slowly getting back up to where I need to be and I appreciate something like this exists. I think when you are younger, the importance of credit is not always on your mind, but as an active adult, you learn very quickly how much you need it in our society. THANK YOU!

Monica L.
Aurora, CO
Jun 27, 2016

I joined Self Lender as a way to build my credit and my savings at the same time. I really did not look forward to making small purchases on credit at a very high interest rate to build my credit history. (Or have my mom co-sign). I joined the Marines to see the world and get help with college afterwards instead of racking up debt to maybe get a job. Don't worry about my payments my mom's an accountant and watching my stuff while I'm overseas. By the way she thinks this is a great idea too. Down the road if the Texas bank can offer checking and auto loans for beginners that would be great.

Steven V.
Alsip, IL
Jun 27, 2016

I joined self lender because I read that you guys can help me build a good credit score. I am actively trying to improve my "poor" score all the time. I have "young" credit so that's one of my issues. I have a family and we are looking to buy our first home in the near future (within the next 2 years) and I want my credit score to be considered "good" or even "excellent" before we even try to get a mortgage. So that's why I signed up.

Megan P.
Marblehead, OH
Jun 16, 2016

I signed up because I have really been looking for ways to improve my credit. I have been supporting two households for the past 10 years and it's taken a toll on my credit. Now I am finally making an efficient salary and am back to supporting just myself and my son. Being a single parent I definitely need to keep the future as a focus! The feedback I've heard on this program was all positive and I hope it takes me to the next level of credit rebuilding!

Kate M.
San Antonio, TX
Jun 14, 2016

I love Selflender - when I saw it I knew it was the answer to a big problem I have that I can't solve in other ways. I'm new to the US and had no way to quickly get my creditscore up. All other sites gave me recommendations of how to do it, which creditcards to get etc. but that wasn't actionable at all where Selflender is the only "hack" to ramping up my creditscore fast as a new resident. LOVE the idea and the execution is great, too. Was up and running in no time. I think people that are new to the country often feel alienated by a system that doesn't take into account that you actually do have money and an established line of credit in another country and you have to start from scratch completely and it takes YEARS if you don't invest time and energy into figuring out how to build credit faster.

Catherine A.
San Francisco, CA
May 26, 2016

The service is wonderful for me for various reasons, one being I just bought a house here in Detroit, and when the year is through, the money will cover my property taxes with some left over. I was going to save up the money anyway, however the added bonus of raising my credit score, which will help me get a renovation loan, is huge. I joined because it's hard to save, this way I can't touch it :)

Berkley, MI
May 23, 2016

So far so good I joined self lender to see I could get help and tips on establishing and building my credit score! I started trying to build my credit at a very young a irresponsible age! Now I'm much more mature and realizing that all the important things in life you need are done through a line of credit(purchasing a home for example). So any help I can get is appreciated thanks!!

Stephen B.
Cleveland, OH
May 21, 2016

James, I joined self-lender because I want to rebuild credit, and realize more diversity than a secured credit card or 2 is likely a good idea. I like the fact that the interest rate is quite low, compared to companies like avant credit, etc.

Nick K.
Saint Louis, MO
May 18, 2016

I love the idea of this service! My credit union offers lines of credit for building your credit, but they are secured loans that you have to put the money down for, which helps me none. In 12 months my credit should be back to good or great, and I'll have an extra grand to help me with a down payment on a house!

Brett M.
Omaha, NE
May 10, 2016

I'm so happy to be a part of the Self Lender family! I even have a t-shirt I wear proudly!! The opportunity Self-Lender has afforded me is so unique - a CD and credit-building loan in one. I joined Self Lender because I wanted a CD, but didn't have enough available funds to obtain one, but Self Lender not only made it possible for me to get my first CD, but they also allowed me to rebuild my credit! Oh, and their customer service is seriously top-notch.

Brandy S.
Los Angeles, CA
May 10, 2016

I joined Self Lender because I’ve always wanted to pay off a loan, and not blow the money. No bank offered a service like that though. I saw your ad on Facebook, and it sounded like the perfect way to improve my credit.

Justin E.
Canton, GA
May 5, 2016

I am very happy with Self Lender. I joined to re-establish my credit. I have the income and job for a great credit score, the problem was I had old items that were hurting it. I could not qualify for a new credit card and new I need an installment loan for a good mix. I signed up for payday loans that they say will be added to your credit, but it takes 6 months and insane interest rates for it to happen. Self Lender actually pays me interest and saves me money for the end in a CD which is amazing. Such a great tool to help raise the score. Now knowing my score went up 22 points since joining just shows how good this product is.

Derrick C.
Cypress, CA
May 5, 2016

Because I was in the market for a secured loan to improve credit, I thought my only option was cash secured loan. I thought I would have to save up some cash first to start building better credit but I saw your ad on facebook and said wow this is more convenient, I don't have to have the cash up front, and the administration fee was reasonable. It was just what I was looking for, thank you.

Ryan S.
Greeley, CO
May 4, 2016

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