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Self Lender Teams Up With Neighborhood Trust

At participating employers nationally, workers will be able to seamlessly access Self Lender’s credit building and savings product as part of their Trusted Advisor Financial Action Plan, with guidance from their Neighborhood Trust Financial Counselor.

Self Lender Helps Consumers Improve Credit

Establishing or rebuilding a good credit score can be tricky, especially if you're on a tight budget. Self Lender offers an alternative way to improve your credit while accruing personal savings.

Save for the Future with Self Lender

Traditionally, consumers with bad or no credit histories were relegated to high-fee loans or credit cards that provided minimal help to their credit-building journey. Those substandard options are changing as Fintech companies leverage advances in technology to create consumer products with lower fees and greater impact on credit scores.


The Best Ways to Build Credit Now

Today, it's possible to build a good credit score in a year without a big chunk of cash upfront or a large debt at the end. You can make yourself look better to lenders while keeping more money in your pocket. Here's how to do it right.


Self Lender Review: A Different Way to Build Credit

A Credit Builder Account is a low cost loan that you essentially make to yourself that allows you to build savings and your credit. Even better, Self Lender does not require a credit check. But before you open a loan, these are the things you should know.


These Startups Bridge the Digital Divide

The 20 startups selected for this year's FinTech Forward Companies to Watch are helping banks replicate, and in some cases enhance, the close bonds they often share with their customers in person through digital channels.


Self Lender - Build Your Credit By Saving Money

Self Lender offers a fix to a serious problem in our credit system. If lenders don't give your loan applications a second look because of your limited credit history, you know what I mean.


Review: Self Lender Credit Builder Loans

Self Lender is a provider of credit builder loans, which are one of the safest and easiest ways to build credit. If you have bad credit or no credit at all, this kind of loan might be for you. A credit builder loan is a very different type of loan, only intended to help you improve your credit score. You won't get money up front to spend as you wish.


Bad Credit Score? This Simple Tool Can Help — and Save You $1,000

If you're trying to build or establish your credit history, you might want to consider taking out a credit-builder loan through Self Lender. After all, it'll cost you almost nothing, and at the end of the year you'll have stashed away $1,100.


Are there alternatives for payday loan borrowers?

"So often, people are forced into a situation to get a payday loan in order to survive between paychecks, and the payday lenders know the consumers will not be able to pay back the loan," said James Garvey, co-founder and CEO of the start-up Self Lender.


Self Lender Builds Credit and Savings for Those With Neither

If you have no credit or — worse — bad credit, establishing a good credit reputation can seem impossible, because no one will approve you for a card or loan. But a credit-builder loan, like the ones offered by Self Lender, offers consumers a chance to build credit without requiring any money upfront.


The Startup That's Offering a 'No Hassle' Loan to Build Credit

Without a credit score, prospective borrowers may have a hard time buying a home, a car or getting a credit card. And, if they do get one, they'll likely pay more for it in fees and interest. But one Austin-based startup says it can make it much easier for consumers to establish their creditworthiness.


Austin Capital Bank taps Self Lender for credit builder loans

Self Lender, Inc., a financial technology start-up that helps consumers establish credit history and gain access to mainstream financial products, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Austin Capital Bank.


Self Lender Wants To Help People Build And Repair Their Credit

Today at the Disrupt Startup Battlefield, Self Lender launched its consumer finance service to help people with limited credit history build credit, as well as assist people with weaker credit profiles boost their scores.

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