Build credit and savings by yourself

Builds with all 3 credit bureaus
No credit check or deposit
Savings plan that builds credit

How It Works

  1. Start in minutes

    Join Self Lender for free and get free credit score tracking with credit monitoring at no cost

  2. Build each month

    Apply for credit builder account which acts like a savings plan that builds credit. No cost to apply. No hard credit check. Pay $15 only if you activate the credit builder account. Next month, commit to pay $48 per month for 12 months. Payments are reported to the credit bureaus and your FDIC-insured credit builder account earns you interest.

  3. $545 savings unlocks

    After 12 months of on-time payments, you've established credit history with all three credit bureaus and your savings unlocks with $545 plus interest

Trusted By Our Satisfied Members

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for people to help rebuild credit. I have been trying to do this with a secured credit card but I think that not having access to the funds and responsibly paying and having an end site is truly helpful. THANK YOU!”

Monica L.

“Self Lender is working, it started reporting to credit bureaus in 3 months. My situation was a thin file, as I have not used credit in over 25 years to keep $0 debt. Now I am wanting to take on some debt to buy another home in Florida. I would recommend Self Lender to my family, friends or business associates whom need to build or repair a credit file. Self Lender's follow up and customer service has been excellent.”

Bruce S.

Common Questions

With a secured credit card, you need to come up with a cash deposit of $200 or more to get started. With a credit builder account, our bank partner places the $545 deposit into a FDIC-insured bank account, in your name, and it's locked for 12 months while it earns you interest. Additionally, unlike a secured credit card, a credit builder account has a fixed term of 12 monthly payments. A credit builder is almost like a savings plan that builds credit — because after 12 months, you've established credit history and you have $545 (plus interest!) saved up for you to spend.
We can't say for certain because everyone is different. However, we have members that have gone from 0 to 700 in less than 6 months. Results are not guaranted. Take a look at for customer testimonials.
No. The credit builder account is almost like a savings plan that builds credit. You get full access to the funds at the end of the 12 month term.
No. Joining Self Lender is free and applying for a credit builder account is free. You only pay $15 if you choose to activate credit builder account.
After 12 months or after you’ve paid off the credit builder account.
Yes! The credit builder account is reported to all three credit bureaus.
The total cost of the $545 credit builder account is $15 today plus $48/month for 12 months — which is $591. At the end of the 12 months, your account unlocks with $545 plus $0.55 in interest. Therefore, the total cost would be $46 - $0.55 = $45.45 over 12 months

About Self Lender

At Self Lender, we're dedicated to helping people build credit and savings in a safe, responsible way.

Self Lender is a venture-backed startup based in Austin, TX. For more details, call us @ 877-883-0999

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