3 Tax Mistakes that Parents Should Avoid


How to File a Late Tax Return

March 24, 2018

Filing your taxes late is not the end of the world, provided you follow certain steps. A filing extension will save you from the worst of the penalties, while paying an estimate of your taxes will prevent against failure-to-pay fines. Even if you miss the deadline for extension, you're still not up the creek: past-due taxes get submitted in the same manner as normal, though penalties will accrue on a monthly basis. Read more.

Why you should start preparing and managing your taxes now

January 4, 2017

Unfortunately, many people wait until the last minute to file taxes. Here are 4 tips to start the process now so you’ll be in good shape come April 18. Read more.

Five smart ways to trim your taxes in retirement

November 8, 2016

It's never too early to start thinking about how you'll manage your taxes in retirement. Click here to read five smart tips for trimming your future costs. Read more.

Free services for tax season

April 18, 2016

Since we are in the middle of Tax Season, we would like to go over a few free services that will help you with your taxes. Read more.

Early Tax Preparation Tips for Gig Economy Workers

March 15, 2016

Tax season has the bad habit of sneaking up on the self-employed. Members of the sharing economy who don't think of themselves as "self-employed" are in for an especially rude awakening. In order to get ready, you need to know which activities will necessitate taxes, and how much money to set aside. Read more.

Tax tips you can give to your adult kids to make sure they have positive futures

March 15, 2016

It's so important to guide your children through the tax return process because most people learn how to do taxes on their own by trial and error or by reading how to articles online. Read more.

4 Painless Ways to File Your Taxes

March 15, 2016

Tax season is almost upon us, and your choice of filing mechanism is critical. Dependent on your circumstances, the Free File Program, tax software, and professional tax preparers each come with benefits. A fourth option, the VITA program, exists to benefit those in need. Read more.

What Shift Workers Need To Know About Taxes

March 15, 2016

Shift workers are more common than ever in today's economy. To avoid some common tax pitfalls, shift workers and part-time employees should follow a few guidelines when preparing their returns. Read more.