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The Complete Guide to Saving Money by Living Zero Waste

February 11, 2019

It’s no secret that living a zero waste lifestyle reduces your impact on the planet, but you may be surprised to find it’s financially beneficial, too. Reduce, reuse, and save. Read more.

6 Wedding Planning Tips so You Don’t Damage Your Credit

February 7, 2019

Weddings can be pricey, but don't let it damage your credit. Here are a few tips to help you out. Read more.

Could Credit Reporting use Your Digital Footprint to Discriminate?

February 6, 2019

What's your digital footprint and how could lenders use this information to determine your credit worthiness? Read the blog to get the answers. Read more.

Does Paying Car Insurance Build Credit?

February 5, 2019

Read this blog post to learn more about the relationship between car insurance and your credit score. Read more.

Will you Make it or Break it? What Credit Scores say about Relationship Health

February 1, 2019

Experts agree, financial alignment in relationships is key. But could credit score matching be equally important? Read the blog to find out. Read more.

Self Lender Announces Partnership with Steady

January 29, 2019

Self Lender announces a new partnership with Steady, the income optimization platform created for America's rapidly growing independent workforce. Read more.

Small Business Grants For Women With Bad Credit

January 29, 2019

Women have been starting businesses at a huge growth rate since the recession of 2007-2009. Getting financing isn't always easy, especially for women with bad credit. We compiled some grant options for women business owners to consider. Read more.

15 Ways to Get Ahead During Your Lunch Break

January 28, 2019

Sometimes all you need is thirty minutes to do something great. Here’s how to make strides towards personal, financial and professional success — all during lunch. Read more.