4 Alternative Adventures to take this Thanksgiving Break

If the idea of anther Thanksgiving dinner at your parent's or inlaw's house makes you cringe then consider something different this year. Maybe what you need in place of watching football and small family talk during your time off is an adventure. 

Here's 4 adventure destinations to make this Thanksgiving break different than all the rest. 

Big Bend National Park

Been stuck in a big city since last Thanksgiving? Need a breath of fresh air that doesn’t include breathing the same fresh air with a thousand other people? Then Big Bend National Park, located in West Texas, might be the place for you. 

But before you go looking up flights, be warned that getting there is half the adventure, so a road trip spirit is needed in order to fully enjoy this spot. 

Big Bend National Park is one of the remotest national parks in the lower 48. It’s a little over 300 miles southeast of El Paso. 

Steve Silberberg of Fit Packing, an adventure tourism company that guides people on adventure vacations to get fit and lose weight, recommends Big Bend National Park as a Thanksgiving destination. 

Steve says that the reason Thanksgiving at Big Bend is such a good idea is because the “temperature is warm, the crowds have subsided and there’s a slow pace that lets you enjoy the beauty of the desert.” 

Another perk is that since Thanksgiving is during the Big Bend’s off-season, admittance into the park is relatively cheap, says Steve.

Click here for more information on Big Bend National Park including accommodations, getting there, and what you will expect to see at one of America’s gems. 

National WildLife Refuge Trail

Maybe you don’t have the time or the will to go all the way out to the high desert of west Texas. Perhaps, you can’t even afford to go too far out of the way because of your schedule. 

That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little fresh air pre or post turkey, says Susan Morse, Writer/Editor at the National Wildlife Refuge System. “Head to a scenic walking trail on a national wildlife refuge, many cities have one closer than you might think. Entrance is either free or almost,” says Susan.  

You can find scenic walking trails on the National Wildlife Refuge System's website by looking them up based on your zip code, it's pretty easy. 

Guerneville, California

Guerneville, California is a little more than 70 miles north of San Francisco, California in one of the state’s most beautiful areas and a close proximity to some of the world’s best wine. 

Craig Olson, Director of Communications at Orchard Place, a mental health services provider for children located in Des Moines, Iowa, says that he spent a Thanksgiving in Guerneville a few years ago. 

“Weather was beautiful, people very friendly, good food, and a wonderful getaway,” remembers Craig. 

For more information on Guerneville, click here

Montauk, New York

Montauk is a little less than 120 miles east of midtown Manhattan and our least adventuresome destination on this list. 

The “Last Resort” as Montauk is called due to its proximity of being located at the eastern tip of Long Island, is busiest during the summer, but in the fall the crowds thin out, says Matthew Hittleman, General Manager of Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina

“Drive the length of Long Island, all the way to Montauk and spend Thanksgiving weekend at the historic Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina,” recommends Matthew.

Getting to Montauk from New York City is easy. A train ride from Penn Station is a little over 3 hours to get out to the "Last Resort."

Where have you gone for an adventure on Thanksgiving? Send your adventure Thanksgiving destinations to Hello@SelfLender.com 

Written on November 9, 2015

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